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The experience of dizziness, imbalance or disequilibrium can be debilitating.

While a very serious condition, being dizzy or feeling out of balance does not have to be permanent. The Vertigo Centre, an exclusive initiative of Maximum Rehab Physical Therapy, is a specific field of focus designated to helping people who suffer with dizziness and balance problems.

Vertigo, balance problems, disequilibrium and lightheadedness falls have challenged doctors and frustrated patients for many years — there are multiple causes and not many treatments that truly work. In fact, most of the drugs prescribed to reduce dizziness only work for a short period of time and, in the end, can make your condition worse.

Research has revolutionized physical therapy as the leading treatment for dizziness and balance problems. The Vertigo Centre has successfully treated numerous patients with inner ear disorders and balance impairments through a Vestibular Rehabilitation Program. Vestibular rehabilitation is an exercise-based approach to remedy problems of the inner ear that cause symptoms of dizziness, vertigo, loss of balance and unsteadiness.

There is no surgery or medication involved. A comprehensive evaluation is performed by a specially educated physical therapist and a treatment intervention plan is prescribed. The difference at The Vertigo Centre is one-on-one care with individualized programs, tailored to address the patients' deficits and help them achieve their personal goals.

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